We have the solution

Commercial property experts Mandale have signed up two businesses from opposite ends of the spectrum to fill high quality industrial space in Stockton. Stuart Arnold discovers one of them…

It isn’t the usual problem you would expect a successful company to have. ValvTechnologies was faced with an oversized building with unwanted, two-storey high offices and without the staff to fill it at its old location of Preston Farm, near Stockton.

Enter long-established property firm Mandale with the solution just a few miles away at Haydock House on the Portrack Interchange Business Park.

They provided 3,000 sq ft of office space, built inside an 8,000 sq ft warehouse more suited to the client’s needs.

“The only option when the lease came up was to try and move to somewhere which was more viable for us as a business,” says Adrian Thompson, ValvTechnologies operations manager.

“The old place was far too big and was just ridiculous cost-wise. So we picked everything up and brought it here.

“That includes two six-tonne cranes which run on a track independently of each other, and all the test equipment.

“It was pretty hectic. I managed the move as well as the day-to-day business. I got the footprint of the new building and did a scale drawing of where everything was going to go, marking it out on the floor to make sure it all fit.

“As soon as I walked in, I knew this was ideal. It is more efficient here and it’s better for the staff – they can talk to each other, as opposed to emailing because some of them were upstairs and downstairs in the other facility.

“It’s created a better working atmosphere and the cost savings have been tremendous.

“We were coming down in size, but the other selling point was that these premises have a fenced compound outside.”

ValvTechnolgies, whose parent firm is based in Houston, Texas, service valves for the European market and employ 30 staff on Teesside.

Customers include an arm of Billinghambased CF Fertilizers, along with Lucite, Ineos and Ensus.

Mandale’s Joe Darragh is delighted his new clients are so happy, adding: “When the former clients upgraded to a bigger property, we completely refurbished and redecorated Haydock House, including new carpets and lighting.”

To enquire about commercial property opportunities with Mandale, contact Joe Darragh on 07973 908599 or email joe@ mandale.com