Tees shoppers cheered by ‘random acts of kindness’

Sausage rolls and sandwiches from Greggs, a top from New Look, a cuddly bear from Toytown and a cuppa at Costa were just some of the purchases customers got for free when Cleveland Centre surprised shoppers with random acts of kindness.

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It was all part of a move by Middlesbrough’s largest shopping centre to lift the spirits of shoppers at the end of what is generally viewed as the longest, most miserable month of the year.

Armed with a fistful of notes and gift vouchers, Cleveland Centre staff were joined by local radio personality Chris Sibley as they surprised a host of shoppers with their Blues Buster antics, spreading the smiles across the faces of customers in Psyche2, Lush, Zenerjii, H&M, Toytown, Topshop, New Look, Greggs, The Perfume Shop and Costa.

Cleveland Centre manager Graeme Skillen said: “We really value our loyal customers and wanted to give a little back for their continued custom at a time when the Christmas bills have hit the doormat and money may be tight.

“It was fantastic that we were able to tell shoppers, ‘Put your money away, this one’s on us’.

“Whether it was smoothies for young girls at Zenerjii or everyone in the queue at Greggs, it was fantastic to carry out some random acts of kindness for our customers.

“It was fantastic to see the looks of bemusement, surprise and joy on the faces of our shoppers.”