Stand and Deliver – new direction for Pie Jackers

A new pie home delivery service sprung up this week in response to the Coronavirus and it’s teamed up with your very own Tees Life magazine.

Along with many other restaurants and cafes, Middlesbrough-based Pie Jackers has been hit by the outbreak.

In a bid to keep their business afloat, and their staff employed, owners Julie and Neil Fletcher have adapted their operation to offer customers frozen Bake At Home pies for collection or delivery.

Pie Jackers is well known across North Yorkshire and the North East for selling fresh baked pies at farmers’ markets – something Julie and Neil have done since launching the company in 2016.

More recently they opened a licensed Pie and Mash Diner at Albert Road in Middlesbrough, where they serve pie meals to the fast growing digital tech community that’s based in the Albert North and Boho areas of the town centre.

With the Coronavirus outbreak forcing more and more of their customers to work from home, or self isolate, the baking duo decided that in order to try and survive they needed to look at other options to keep pie production going.

So the ‘Bake at Home’ addition to the business was born, and as the first home deliveries of award winning gourmet pies left Pie Jackers HQ, each one contained a copy of Teesside’s exclusive glossy magazine.

Julie said: “We announced the Bake at Home offer on our social media channels on Tuesday night and put an online order form out there not really knowing what reaction we’d get.

“It went crazy!”

“Within six hours we had a phenomenal response, so production went into full swing on Wednesday with collections and deliveries starting Thursday.

“We were overwhelmed with the number of orders we received, so much so we had to turn off the online order form while we played catch up.

“We’ve now been contacted by a local company who have made an incredibly kind and hugely generous offer.

“They offered to build us an e-commerce site so we can continue to take orders and people can pay online, making it much smoother operation for everyone. It should be ready at some point next week.”

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