Saltburn Cliff Tramway to re-open for Easter holidays

Saltburn’s historic Cliff Tramway will re-open for the summer season this weekend.

The Grade II listed tramway welcomes more than 150,000 users every year as it transports people from the upper and lower promenade of the popular seaside resort.

At 135-years-old, it is the oldest working water-balanced funicular in the world and underwent an extensive refurbishment in 2018 to keep it in working order.

Recognising the importance of the much-loved tramway, Visit England recently awarded the attraction its Quality Assured Visitor Attraction award, noting ‘excellent standards of customer service’, the ‘kiosk was maintained to an excellent standard’ and ‘standards of cleanliness were very high in all areas’.

It’s due to re-open on Saturday, April 6, at 10.30am.

On June 28, 1884, Saltburn’s unique funicular Cliff Tramway opened to the public replacing the vertical hoist.

Still in use today, this incorporates the same ingenious system of counterbalancing water tanks.

Two cars each fitted with a 1500 litre water tank, run on parallel tracks, the carriage at the top of the 71% incline has its tank filled with water until it over balances the weight of the carriage 120ft below and gently descends while the lower car ascends.

When the carriage reaches the bottom its water is re-pumped to the top and the process begins again.

The entire operation is controlled by the brake man from the cabin at the top station of the tramway.