OCALS have the conveyancing answer

The world of conveyancing can be timeconsuming and frustrating.

Different searches and delays with reports can slow any property process down when clients just want it to move with more pace.

So what’s the answer?

Stockton legal services company OCALS has it in three key words.

Fast, reliable and accurate is their motto, backed up by expert knowledge of the industry and pride in a personal approach.

The Teesside-based search agency has been serving clients since 2008, providing law firms and conveyancers with a reliable service that, put simply, helps to take the work out of what can be a lengthy issue.

Anyone buying or selling, whether commercial or residential, knows that land searches and reports are legal requirements.

OCALS undertakes all of those searches with speed and professionalism, says managing director Jeremy O’Connor.

“Conveyancing is about relationships, yourclients are going through one of the most stressful times of their lives and sometimes it can be a bumpy road but we are here to help make it run as smoothly as possible,” says Mr O’Connor.

The beauty of OCALS, he says, is that it is a local business where staff are knowledgeable about the area and the industry and, crucially, are right there on the end of the line to communicate personally whenever a question or query arises. People make the difference,” says Mr O’Connor.

“OCALS was formed to simplify the process for the conveyancer, offering the ability to get all their needs in one place.

“When you decide to place your searches with my team, you will get professional and knowledgeable advice to guarantee you peace of mind that your client’s property is fully protected.”

Services include local authority, regulated council and local council searches, drainage, water, environmental and mining reports, as well as money laundering and compliance issues and completion services.

To find out more contact OCALS on 01642 061353.