Me & My Motors – Paul Gibson

It’s fair to say Paul Gibson, owner of Gibson Motorsport in Low Dinsdale, near Darlington, loves collecting beautiful cars – including two Aston Martins…

My Aston Martins: Both our Aston Martins are Volantes and are pearlescent white. The DB9 we bought 11 years ago and, to me, it is the modern DB4 while the Vanquish is the modern DB5, which is two years old and a special “Q” model. Both were sold to us by “Mr Aston” of the North, Paul Thursby at Aston Martin Newcastle. I’ve purchased 10 Aston Martins from Aston Martin Newcastle – their excellent product knowledge and service keeps me going back to them for more. They alert me on the new product lines coming through. In fact, I’m about to place a deposit on the new Vanquish.

Best features: The styling of both cars sets them above the rest and, of course, the power and the sound of the crisp V12 engine is one to behold.

Best drive-time music: That depends on the mood and the road – from Dire Straits’ Money for Nothing to Pavarotti’s Nessun Dorma.

Best place to drive: Locally, the moor road between Guisborough and Scarborough. Once you ascend Birk Brow, you’re on your way. Beautiful medium-to-high speed corners with the occasional twists and turns. Beyond Whitby, a different set of challenges await.

My favourite car when I was young: Surely everybody’s dream of my age – James Bond’s DB5 from Goldfinger. The Silver Birch car is an iconic classic these days – restored versions fetch close to £1 million, which is a far cry from the Corgi model that cost less than 50 pence at the time!

My parents’ cars: A Hillman Minx – in my dad’s words, “We are now doing a mile a minute, son!” They also had a Super Minx, a Hillman Imp and a Rover 2000 TC.

My first car: Austin Mini Cooper 998cc. It was red with a black roof.

My worst car: A 2006 BMW M5. The car was great but the gearbox was unbelievably bad.

My other cars: McLaren P1, McLaren Senna, Porsche 918, Rolls-Royce Cullinan, and my little jewel, a Porsche Cayenne Diesel S. Cars have always been a part of my life. I strive to be in a position to purchase these iconic machines and care and maintain them to the best of my ability. That’s why my company developed Gibson Shield, the ultimate ceramic coating to maintain the look and quality of your paint finish.

My dream car: Aston Martin Valkyrie or a McLaren F1 – respectively designed by F1 legends Adrian Newey and Gordon Murray.

My worst crash: Having raced for more than 40 years, I’ve had a few! However, barrel-rolling an Audi Quattro in the snow in 1985 was the worst. The ‘talking dash’ went into hyper-speak! Approaching the A1M slip road on a dark cold winter night on the M18, there was suddenly six inches of snow. While an Audi Quattro was the best in its time, hitting the snow on the slip road approach sent the car barrelrolling up the embankment. Luckily, it landed upright. I was fine but the car wasn’t.

The maddest place I’ve ever driven: Nordschleife – the Nürburgring – was amazing and not for the faint-hearted, but if you’re a petrol head it’s a must in any car.

The journey I’ll always remember: Middlesbrough to Nairn in Scotland in the 1980s before the M9. It was a journey I did regularly. One time, in an RX7, I did the 325 miles in four hours 20 minutes.