Me & My Motors – Joanne Fryett

To some people, a car is simply a vehicle which gets you from A to B. To some, it’s a play thing. And to others, it’s their pride and joy.

In each issue of Tees Life, we’re talking to Teessiders about what motors get their pulses racing.

We start with Joanne Fryett, who’s had a car called Colin…

Joanne Fryett

From: Acklam, Middlesbrough.

Job: Business Relationship Specialist, Stockton Borough Council.

My current car: A black 2016 Porsche Cayman 718 PDK. I bought it at the end of last year from Bespoke Motor Works in Stockton, who I recommend to anyone looking for a Prestige new or used car. I went for the Cayman as I’ve always aspired to own a Porsche and love the sleek look of the car and the way it handles – German engineering at its very best.

Best feature: The upgraded 20-inch Carrera S alloy wheels, apparently. That’s so not true, in my opinion, but they are quite a talking point!

Best drive-time music: Anything you can sing along to and belt the tunes out! If I just say Wham I’ll lose any street cred I may have had. But ‘80s and ‘90s normally gets me singing.

Best place to drive it: The country roads, as that’s when the balance of the car really comes into its own. I spend a lot of time going to York as my daughter lives there.

My favourite car when I was young: A Black Renault 18, reg number KVR 880V. I felt like royalty when I sat in the back. I was only small and could just about see out of the windows.

My parents’ cars: Currently my dad drives a white Seat Leon. It’s great, because it means anything I need moving or picking up, he’s on hand to help! He recently picked up a bike for me, as I’m taking part in the Stockton Duathlon.

My first car: BMW 1 Series. Again, bought from Russ at Bespoke – it’s been a longstanding friendship!

My worst car: I’ve not had one yet. For my dad, though, a Renault 9. We called it Freeway. Enough said.

My other car: Having had 2 BMW 1 Series, a Mini Cooper called Colin and two Z4’s, I’ve been really lucky with the cars I have owned. But if and when I need a car with more seats, I generally use my mum’s Nissan Micra, and that’s only because my dad won’t let me drive his car!

My last car: Z4 M Sport in white.

My dream car: I do like the BMW i8, but my daughter’s keen for me to buy a Bugatti.

My worst crash: As a passenger I was involved in an accident that led me to have the base of my spine rebuilt. But it wasn’t a major incident. I guess if you ask my dad… I had a near miss with a lorry and a lamp post when learning to drive at 17… I think we both decided I wasn’t suited to cars, so I got a motorbike instead! I still have a fear of large moving objects.

The maddest place I’ve driven a car:  Nowhere mad, really. I guess I avoid all roads with traffic!

The car journey I’ll always remember: was a short one. I’d just passed my test and I was taking my friends into town. It’s memorable because they were not allowed to listen to the radio, talk or breathe. It was the quietest 15-minute journey ever, yet the most stressful in my life. I stalled the car going over several speed bumps. No one laughed. They just said “Don’t worry, we all do it.” Only I was 31 at the time! We laugh about it now, as I’m the first one to sort out the tunes. And since then my love of cars has advanced.