Let’s Go Tees Valley!

For a calmer mind in a hectic world get back on your bike…

Remember the thrill of riding your bike when you were little? Speeding around with friends and freewheeling down hills without a care in the world?

Let’s Go Tees Valley is encouraging people across the Tees Valley to recapture that feeling by dusting off their bicycles and making more of their everyday journeys on two wheels instead of four.

The Let’s Go Ladies campaign has been designed to get more people back in the saddle safely and confidently and using their bikes for those everyday journeys, such as the daily commute to and from work, popping to the shops or the school run.

Regular cycling brings with it a host of benefits including improved fitness, reduced stress, better sleep and increased energy.

Philippa, 43, from Darlington, credits cycling with helping to get her spark back after a painful period in her personal life.

Philippa said: “I first started getting into cycling in the summer of 2016. It was after my marriage broke down and I wasn’t in a good place. I was a little bit overweight and a bit lost. I hadn’t cycled in years!

“The biggest thing for me has been the benefits in terms of my mental health and wellbeing. I don’t know where I would be if I hadn’t have done it. I’ve used riding my bike as a springboard for my health – both mental and physical.

“On your bike you’re part of your surroundings and you get to take so much more in.”

Christine, 61, from Stockton, has always been a keen cyclist and working in a school has meant that she has been able to share her love of two wheels with pupils and parents alike, she’s even spotted some more unusual local wildlife on the way to work.

She said: “Parents and carers do a lot of journeys to different places during a given day, it may be why they may feel that they can’t cycle.

“But it is a great way to get around with kids though and it’s so easy when you know the best routes to take.

“I love to ride along the river when the weather is good. I’ve even seen seals on my way to work.”

To help rediscover your cycling mojo this summer and beyond visit the Let’s Go Ladies website at www.letsgoteesvalley.co.uk/lets-go-ladies where you will find a wealth of information including dates and times of guided rides and maintenance workshops, downloadable maps for cycle rides that take advantage of over 700km of dedicated cycle paths across the Tees Valley and real stories from those that have found that small changes make a big difference in helping them enjoy a calmer mind in a hectic world.