Be brave, be bold

Peter Turner, managing director of Teesside-based interior design studio Cocoon & Bauer, has designed Michelin-star restaurants, fivestar hotels and some of the most exclusive addresses in the country.

Peter is making his mark on some of Teesside’s finest homes and offices. He now shares some of his interior design tips with Tees Life readers…

The beginning of the year gives you the perfect opportunity to refresh the space in which you spend the most time – your home. With over 12 years’ experience in interior design, I’m looking forward to sharing some hints to turn your home into a sanctuary you and your family can be proud of.

Each year manufacturers and publications reveal their top trends for the 12 months ahead. I’ve picked out the top four trends which I feel have the biggest appeal and longevity.

Casting aside our love for “safe” greys, 2019 is the year of bright, bold colours!

Think jewel and emerald colours of blues, greens and especially pinks. This year’s new Pantone colour is Living Coral, which has animated shades of orange with golden undertones.

As further indication of pink’s popularity, Farrow & Ball have released Sulking Room Pink as one of its big colours of 2019. Try teaming pinks and bold green colours with deep and dark tones such as blue which

really allow them to stand out. I am already using this colour in my current projects and you’ll see it becoming more present in soft furnishings and accessories.

Along with bold colours, geometric and floral patterns will continue to be a focus and are being used more and more to create vibrant and interesting spaces. You can add this to your room as a wallpapered feature wall or simply update some of your accessories such as cushions for a subtler look.

For the more daring among you, why not opt for contrasting geometric prints on all walls to really transform your space?

Other trends which I believe will still be here this time next year are brass fittings and velvet fabrics.

Brass has regained its popularity after being long associated with antique ornaments which sat prominently on your grandparents’ sideboards. Now we can’t get enough, as the re-emergence of classic styles allows brass to play a more prominent part in our interiors.

Finally, velvet. Not the crushed kind, but the deep, thick and luxurious plain textures which have been prominent on soft furnishings and drapery for the last couple of years.

To add pops of colour to your sofas and armchairs, try yellows, emerald greens and sky blues, which will freshen up your interior as the nights get lighter.

For a simpler approach, try mixing cutpatterned and plain velvets in shades which compliment your sofa fabric. This will add depth and interest without detracting from your current style.

In the next issue of Tees Life we’ll discuss overhauling your entertaining space ready for summer.

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