Alexander Armstrong coming to Darlington Hippodrome

Comedian, writer, performer, singer and TV quiz show host Alexander Armstrong is dropping in to Darlington in November as part of his new one man show ‘All Mouth and Some Trousers’.

Renaissance Man is a title that sits very comfortably on Alexander Armstrong’s shoulders. Nothing seems to be beyond the capabilities of this wonderful performer. He’s had successful careers in acting, singing and presenting.

But now, in news that will delight his legions of fans up and down the country, he is returning to his first love: live comedy.

The comedian is talking to me in the run-up to the tour, which opens at the Warwick Arts Centre on November 3.

The performer, who has a huge following from Pointless, his exceedingly successful BBC1 daily quiz show, is really looking forward to reviving his overriding passion for stand-up.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve performed comedy, as all sorts of other things have sprung up since we stopped doing Armstrong & Miller in 2010, Pointless being the big one,” he said.

“But live comedy is where my roots lie. It is where I come from, and it’s still my great love. I’m so excited to be coming back to it.”

Alexander, who, since they met in the early 1990s, has had an enormously fruitful double act with his close friend and fellow comedian Ben Miller, says he is thrilled to be returning to the sheer buzz of live comedy.

He relishes the spontaneity of stand-up and the fact that every single night on the road is different. “I guess you’ve laid the tracks that your train of thought might run on, but you’ve got, well, different passengers on board every night.

“Each show is a totally different experience, which depends entirely on the audience. As long as you’re not glued to a script, on any night you will go along with what that particular audience is enjoying. I love that about stand-up.”

Alexander, 49, who in his early career was a much in-demand voice-over artist, has also provided voices for many children’s animations including Danger Mouse, Peppa Pig and Hey Duggee.

The show centres on Alexander’s early days in showbiz, and the strange business of trying to find a career in whatever door of the industry he could get his foot into.

He looks back fondly on the time when he was the voice that launched a thousand products.

Alexander Armstrong is at Darlington Hippodrome on Monday 4 November.

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