A new therapy at Rockliffe Hall promises relief from the stresses of everyday life

By Julie Burniston

In today’s busy world it’s getting harder and harder to switch off.

If you’re anything like me, the brain starts whizzing when you rise and rarely switches off again even when your head hits the pillow.

Actually, that’s my biggest problem. I’ve been plagued by insomnia for years.

As a single mum with a fabulous but full on job, there is so much going on that sleep has become a luxury rather than a necessity. Not good!

So, when Rockliffe Hall invited me to try out their Spa Wave Bed in the Mind Therapy Room, my ears pricked up.

Offering – as well as an improvement in sleep quality – a reduction of stress and mood swings; removal of mental blockages; support with anxiety and panic attacks and easing of muscle tension. I was intrigued.

Of course, any therapy at the Rockliffe Hall Spa is special. From the gorgeous smells to the ambient lighting and calm and professional staff, this a 5 star treat all the way.

Spa Manager Victoria Rickett led me along calming corridors to the Mind Therapy room.

The Spa Wave bed sat proudly in the middle; a bit like an upmarket dentist chair. Victoria explained how the device includes technology developed by American scientists to treat post-traumatic stress disorders of American veterans.

Using a blend of chromatherapy and computer-controlled acoustic and vibrational therapy, the bed trains the brain to relax and benefit from deep relaxation techniques.

As headphones were placed over my ears; a face mask over my eyes and a fluffy blanket wrapped around my feet, I confess I was still thinking of deadlines back at the office, upcoming birthdays and unpaid school dinners. I felt somewhat of a fraud.

This was never going to do anything! Relaxing music began to play along with a serious of strange beeps which had the feeling of pulling you into the bed.

A very odd sensation. Within five minutes your brain really cannot compute anything other than following these sounds on what feels like a strange journey down and down.

Victoria had explained that during the half hour therapy my brainwaves would move from alpha through to delta – the ‘sleep waves’ where healing takes place – and you can really feel yourself going from one to the other.

The very strangest sensation though, is entering into a state so peaceful that you’re neither awake nor asleep, but utterly chilled out.

Half an hour passes in what seems like five minutes and its somewhat of a shock to be gently brought back to the present.

People who have tried the bed have reported feeling calmer and sleeping better and I can vouch for that. It really is the perfect ‘me time’ therapy.

  • The Mind Therapy Room is included in a variety of Wellness Journey Spa Days at Rockliffe Hall, but is also bookable for 30 or 60 minute sessions (30 minutes cost £30; one hour costs £40) and is available to anyone, not just guests and members visiting Rockliffe Hall for overnight stays, meals or spa days.
    To book, visit: www.rockcliffehall.com or call 01325 729999