A dog’s life…

Jennifer and Rudolph have been investigating safe areas for “play time” in the Tees region.

Here’s a selection of lovely spots to relax, play with and educate your canine companion without the stress and worry of busy roads and traffic – and maybe with the odd rabbit…

Redmarshall Road, Bishopton, TS21 1EX 

Dogwood really is a wonderful place providing an enriching environment for your dog to run, play, sniff, discover and learn – and a place for you to relax.

To arrange your own adventure, visit their website with super-efficient booking diary. On your introductory visit you’ll be met by a friendly member of the team, shown how to use the secure field gate and even gifted a poop bag.

It’s a lovely, clean field, easy to enjoy, with none of the unpleasant hazards that can be found on more open or public areas.

There is also a picnic area with a good view of the obstacles and greenery. The watering hole is well stocked with fresh water containers, a tap and bowls, making it very easy to keep your pooch well hydrated.

Hardwick Hall, Sedgefield, Stockton-on-Tees, TS21 2DN

Found in the beautiful grounds of Elizabethan Hardwick Hall, the serene and majestic landscaped gardens make for a beautiful setting to enjoy a stroll around the seven-hectare lake.

The lake area and preened gardens welcome dogs on leads. Generously, there’s the addition of two secure dog parks very close to the visitor centre and café.

The area is securely fenced, with trees and furrows for our canine friends to sniff around and plenty of space to run around with their favourite toys. There’s also a bench in each area, allowing for rest and relaxation with a refreshing drink and delightful cake from the Tower Café – perfect!

Marton West, Bonny Grove Park, Middlesbrough, TS8 9QZ

What a lovely secure place this dog park is to enjoy your canine companion and meet other dogs and their friendly owners.

Testimonials left on social media show just how well appreciated this spot is for those who are unable to let their dogs roam too freely.

The large grass area with secure wooden fencing and seating area for owners is a real sanctuary, easily accessed and only a short trip from the centre of Middlesbrough.

Just turn up and enjoy the freedom!