5 tips for selling your home

Jeremy O’Connor, of Hartburn-based Adore Properties, with some useful advice to get a speedy sale…

When selling your home, we all know the traditional tips, from having fresh coffee brewing to ensuring the house is clean and free of clutter.

However, if they’re still not doing the job, give these tricks a try:

1 – Remember why you fell in love
Whether it was the big garden, the great location or the unique layout, remember what attracted you to the house and use it as a focal point to encourage new buyers.

2 –  First impressions count
When it comes to viewings, buyers will start assessing from the moment they pull up. Ensure your front is tidy and well-maintained, maybe even invest in hanging baskets or a new door number to make a great first impression!

3 – Handy home improvements
There are always little jobs in the house we’ll get around to ‘one day’ but, when you’re selling, they become crucial. Set aside a weekend, make a list and set to work – you’ll thank yourself later.

4 – No pets at home
We all love the family pets but they can be a big distraction during viewings. Either leave them with a friend or keep them out of sight when people come around.

5 – Don’t be a tour guide
When buyers turn up it can be tempting to follow them around pointing out features, but this can be very off-putting. Stay in the background, be prepared to answer questions, but let them get a feel for the house. After all, it’s the easiest way for them to imagine living there one day!

We hope these tips help you get a great sale, for more great advice or to put your home on the market give our team a call today on 01642 205 023 or visit www.adoreproperties.co.uk